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Lindesay Scott-Hayward (Ph. D. Biostatistics)

Centre for Research into Ecological and Environmental Modelling, University of St Andrews

  • Methods for spatially adaptive smoothing in one and two dimensions.
  • Modelling species distributions in topographically complex regions.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Spatially explicit power analysis


  • Introduction to Statistical Modelling (UK and Africa)
  • Spatial Modelling methods for correlated data
  • Quantifying the power to detect change
  • Using the MRSea Package
  • Introduction to Distance Sampling
  • Statistics for decision makers

Assisted Lecturing on two Masters level courses:

  • MT 5753 (GLM/Multinomial Models)
  • MT 5757 (GAM, Spatially Adaptive Smoothing, GEEs, GLMMs)

and a 1st Year course in Introductory Statistics.

Project Manager

Managing an EPSRC funded project: 

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